About AksjeNorge

The non-commercial foundation AksjeNorge contributes to increased knowledge about Norwegian equities and the securities markets. Our goal is that everyone has basic knowledge about how these markets act, as well as how to invest long term in equities and mutual funds.

Regarding content marketing: Please note that we do not allow advertising or payed articles/advertising on our web-pages.

AksjeNorge was founded in 1993 by a number of exchange listed companies, LO, NHO, Oslo Børs, The Norwegian CSD VPS, the Shipowners Association, Gjensidige, KLP, Statoil, fund managers and brokerage firms. Each founding partner wanted the general public in Norway to gain increased knowledge about using the equity markets for long-term saving and investing, through a independent and non-profit organization.

AksjeNorge was originally situated at Oslo Børs, prior to sharing offices with various organizations. In February 2015, the foundation moved back to the exchange to regain the closeness to the exchange and its business areas.

The foundations works toward three main target groups; the general public, students, and employee share ownership. We focus on developing high quality information material, studies about general knowledge and saving habits amongst Norwegian investors, key statistics and various events throughout the country that gives the latest updates about the security markets and companies listed on the Oslo Børs.

AksjeNorge is funded by listed companies, mutual funds, brokerage firms, private companies and organizations, that all wish to contribute to the public’s general knowledge about equities. Please view a full list of our partners.

For further English information about AksjeNorge, individual investors in Norway, or our activities, please do not hesitate to contact post@aksjenorge.no